Welcome to Works Beautifully...

Hello and welcome to WorksBeautifully, a shop that was born from a love of colour, sparkles, cuteness and whimsicality, where each piece aims to add a little bit of magic to someone’s ‘everyday’.

WorksBeautifully is run by Kirsty, hi that's me! Scroll down to learn a bit more about me!

As well as being super colourful and happy inducing, a lot of my items have a theme of “I HAVE A VOICE!”, including feminism, veganism, LGBTQ+ pride and mental health.

WorksBeautifully is for people who love colour, who want their voice to be heard and who are proud of exactly who they are. They don’t take life too seriously and they want their world to be as fun and colourful as possible. And who I am to say no to them?!

I offer custom portraits and sell a range of products (cushions, mugs, phone cases, enamel pins, prints, jewellery, bags and stickers) featuring my illustrations.

So...who is this Kirsty person... well, hi! I'm 30 years old. I live in the South West of England with my husband Glenn and our cat Charlie in a 200 year old cottage.

I love  - colour, tattoos, glitter, animals, drag race, dungarees, flat shoes, sofa and blankets, nights in, vegan cafes, coffee, colourful hair and being creative.

I do not love  - discrimination, snow, extended periods of socialising, broccoli, being cold and endometriosis.

My journey started as a 15 year old emo drawing pencil portraits of my favourite celebrities. After having the creativity stamped out of me at school, I went to college to study 4 A-Levels. A year in, and I realised that Psychology and Sociology exams just weren't meant for me. So I went on to do a Media Productions BTEC which led me to a Fashion Graphics degree at Southampton Solent Uni.

After leaving uni with a First Class Honours, I worked in a coffee shop, as a teaching assistant and finally as a manager of a Pre-School. I loved this job, but after two years, my physical and mental health meant I was struggling. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and struggled with anxiety so I took the jump and decided to quit my job. Since then I have slowly reduced my hours working in part time jobs and now I run WorksBeautifully full time! I'm so happy to be able to be creative and share it with you guys! I'm living my dream!