Are you looking for a special gift for a loved one or maybe you want a family portrait to hang above your bed... Whether it's a portrait of family, friends or pets or a fandom inspired illustration, I would love to draw something completely unique for you. Each commission is completely unique and you can choose from two illustration styles. 

The prices above are for one person/pet and each extra person/pet is +£10.

People portraits are bust only, and can be finished with a text or floral banner.

If you are interested in booking a commission, just send an email with your ideas, including the following information:

  • Who or what do you want drawn and how many?
  • Which style?
  • Background detail or other details?
  • Text or floral banner?
  • Printed size - A4 or 7x5in?
  • Time constraints?
  • Where will the commission be shipped to?